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What Las Vegas Can Teach You About Online Dating

las vegas dating

What is it about Las Vegas that draws us in like moths to a flame?  Is it the shiny neon lights?  The chance that you might hit the jackpot?  The live shows?  The MGM lions?  The World Series of Poker?  The giant cups shaped like guitars?  The fact that there’s a wedding chapel on every corner?

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you know it’s got a certain eerie charm to it.  The excitement, the expectation, the heightened emotion… You like it, but you don’t like it.

So what can Sin City teach us about online dating?  Plenty!

Sometimes, it’s all in the numbers.

Since you’re not having to physically approach each interesting woman, it’s acceptable and time-saving to email more than one at a time.  And heck, why stop with one dating service?  There might be some overlap, but it still increases the options.  Just make sure you put thought into each one, and don’t copy and paste!

If you sit at the slot machine longer, it doesn’t increase your chance of winning.

Ok, so maybe if you sit for hours… or months.  But by then the return isn’t nearly as much as what you invested.

Similarly, if you’re doing something wrong in online dating – the wrong message in your profile, an intimidating picture, or even the wrong site – it doesn’t matter how much time you spend winking and waiting.  A change in strategy is necessary.

That super hot girl who is too good to be true is probably an escort.

You may be scoping a girl from your own home, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible that someone could take advantage of you.  In matters of the heart, it’s important that you don’t lose your head.  Is she more interested in your yearly earnings than your favorite hobbies?  Being careful is not being paranoid.

Everything looks better at 2am.

It’s late, you’ve had a few drinks, and you’re looking for adventure.  There’s this one girl who’s interested, and her profile was giving you a creepy vibe earlier, but she’s looking better and better by the minute…

Stop!  Relationship choices are best made when you’re fully awake and clear-headed.  And while poor hookup choices might be the norm in Las Vegas, your decision to meet a girl locally could well have longer repercussions.  The internet isn’t completely anonymous, after all.

Sometimes you get a bad beat, but it’s just the nature of poker.

That girl who really seemed awesome might have gone on a great date the day before she got your email. Another girl might not have updated her profile in months, and now she’s married.  Or maybe you two really hit it off online, but in person there was zero chemistry.  In the end, it’s a bit of a gamble.  These things happen, and rather than going on tilt you need to pick yourself up, keep a cool head, and try again.

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